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Welcome to Jody's Voice 

Jody grew up on an acreage, five miles from the middle of nowhere in North Central Iowa. He joined the Navy straight out of High School and spent the next 20 years traveling the world, serving on four different submarines and various shore commands. After he bounced around the Defense Industry, in various rolls to protect our men and women in uniform he discovered the joy of voice acting.

And what does this mean to the customer?

Jody has farming, planting, cultivating, rural and small town experience. That equates to dependability, trustworthiness and down home honesty. He has military experience, leadership experience, and can take direction. If your script needs an authoritative, commanding voice, Jody has it. Jody has been in over 30 different countries so with his travel experience if you have script that talks about the Panama Canal, Central America rain forests, the Reclining Buda or the sweltering heat of a Thailand jungle, Jody can speak from experience.

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